Biker regains confidence after crash

After a break of 30 years Franco Amaro decided to take up biking again, and was enjoying riding socially having regained his licence with no difficulty in May 2016. However, while out riding in Essex in July, Franco took a corner on the B1053 too quickly, ran wide, and clipped the kerb, flipping his bike over. Despite the terrifying crash, he thankfully only sustained minor injuries to his wrist, but his bike was badly damaged and he lost all confidence in bends.

Damage to Franco's bike after his crash

Franco's injured wrist required months of physiotherapy

Franco and his fellow riders after the accident

After a few months of physiotherapy and repairs to his bike, Franco was determined to regain his love of riding and joined Thames Vale Advanced Motorists (TVAM) in September last year to do the Advanced Riding Course.

‘I’m so glad I joined TVAM after my accident’, Franco said. ‘I am a lot more confident now, particularly with bends, and I think I am riding to a much higher standard than before. The most important thing is that I enjoy it again, and haven’t lost my love for riding!’  

TVAM are running Be a Better Biker courses this summer, in partnership with Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue and Transport for Buckinghamshire. The upcoming courses are on: 

Saturday 28th April
Sunday 13th May
Saturday 23rd June
Sunday 22nd July
Saturday 11th August
Saturday 8th September

All courses are to be held at Marlow Fire Station, and cost just £20 per biker. The session includes workshops and an on-road assessment by an advanced rider. For more information and to book, click here or email

Franco is now back to riding better than before his crash


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